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Growing up in Maine often means a house full of things of various origins. From things your grandparents once owned to the stuff found at the side of the road that looked like it should be re-claimed, I’ve never been in a Mainer’s home that didn’t also include some pretty great items from years past. But, if this wasn’t your exact experience, don’t despair! You might have been searching for “flea markets near me,” or “best flea market near me,” and we have some amazing answers for you! There are plenty of places you can find some wonderful used things to fill up your home. We don’t know whether most of this stuff is necessary, but shopping at the best flea markets in Maine will certainly provide hours of entertainment, at the very least! You will be sure to have a ball while possibly getting some of your new favorite treasured possessions.

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960 Main St, Oxford, ME 04270, USA

Editor's Note: Undercover Flea Market in Oxford, Maine is permanently closed.
Undercover is a great place to stop in the summer on your way to the Western Lakes area. The owners are very nice and vendors are known to negotiate. Call them at: (207) 539-4149.

7 Amazing Flea Markets In Maine You Absolutely Have To Visit (3)

578 US-1, Scarborough, ME 04074, USA

This flea market is the largest in Southern Maine, making it the perfect place to go for all of your things-I-didn't-know-I-needed needs! From cowboy boots, to vintage globes, to beer steins of all sizes to snow globes and sweaters, if it exists there's an example of it waiting for you in Scarborough. You can call them at (207) 229-4263.


7 Amazing Flea Markets In Maine You Absolutely Have To Visit (4)

107 Rockland Rd, Coopers Mills, ME 04341, USA

Elmer Wilson has owned Elmer's Barn for almost 40 years. The place has a lot of heart, as well as a lot of everything else. One can never be sure what they'll find at Elmer's, but chances are it will be something you didn't know you needed. Visit the barn on Main Street, on the north side of Hwy 17 / (207) 549-7671.


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7 Amazing Flea Markets In Maine You Absolutely Have To Visit (8)

14 Maine St, Brunswick, ME 04011, USA

No need to search for "flea market near me" anymore! This one is a great choice. If you've spent time in Southern Maine, you've probably seen this huge building in Brunswick. In operation since 2010, Cabot Mill Antiques is housed within Fort Andross, a wonderfully restored textile mill on the Androscoggin River. Its location makes it one of the most unique Maine flea markets. There are over 160 vendors selling high-quality vintage merchandise at good prices. You can typically bargain for about 10% off, but many times you'll get more if you offer to pay cash. The flea market is open only on weekends, but you can browse through tons of antiques all week long. Give them a call at (207) 725-2855.

7 Amazing Flea Markets In Maine You Absolutely Have To Visit (9)

184 Lisbon St, Lisbon, ME 04250, USA

Editor's Note: Riverside Flea Market is temporarily closed,
Riverside Flea Market is a great place to go if you have items you'd like to sell. Tables are extremely affordable and the owners are said to be lovely and accommodating. You can call them to will reopen at (207) 353-2420.

7 Amazing Flea Markets In Maine You Absolutely Have To Visit (10)

6 Hunnewell Ln, Woolwich, ME 04579, USA

The Montsweag Flea Market is another lovely outdoor setup! It just might become one of your favorite flea markets in Maine. With friendly vendors who come back year after year, it's a fun place to visit for the day. And, this is another great place to set up shop if you've got some things you'd like to unload. Their phone number is (207) 443-2809.

7 Amazing Flea Markets In Maine You Absolutely Have To Visit (11)

345 S Main St, Mechanic Falls, ME 04256, USA

With three floors of absolute treasures, you'll need to dedicate at least an entire day to exploring The Willows Flea Market.There are so many individual booths, with such a wide variety of items for sale that you'll likely leave with something. The Willows has been in existence for quite some time, but the new owners have truly made it wonderful. Ray and Lucie Bisson purchased the huge grey building last year and have since renovated the entire place. They've updated the building and invited tons of new vendors to be a part of the fun.Throughout the flea market, you're encouraged to browse and enjoy the space! Visit them in Mechanic Falls. The best number to reach them is (207) 345-7047.

Have you gotten to experience any of these fun markets? What is the coolest thing you purchased there? We would love to hear all about it in the comments section. While you’re looking for great Maine experiences, try this road trip to some of the most picturesque towns in Maine!

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