Costa Rican Women: Dating a Costa Rican Woman (2024)

Costa Rican women are known to be the most beautiful in Central America, and perhaps even the world. If you’re a single male looking to date a woman from Costa Rica, you’ve come to the right place. Several men ponder what it’s like to date Costa Rican women, but it’s difficult to grasp without visiting the country.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Costa Rican women and dating culture. By the end of this post, we hope you’ll be well on your way to finding the girl of your dreams from the exotic land of Costa Rica.

Personality of Costa Rican Women

Costa Rican women (also known as “Ticas”) are quite distinct from other women in Central America. Their physical appearance resembles a more European look than other countries, such as Honduras or Panama. Ticas also generally have a higher level of education and can speak English quite well.

First and foremost, Costa Rican women tend to be more after a long-term relationship than casual encounters. Their idea of dating is to build something that will last, so be prepared for attempting to commit if you want to date a woman from Costa Rica. With that in mind, they aren’t afraid to show a little public display of affection once they know they like you.

On the surface, Costa Rican women don’t throw themselves at foreigners like other Central American countries. The nation has a slight stigma against westerners since they are flooded with sex tourists and wild partygoers all year round. Ticas don’t necessarily look down on foreigners but are far more skeptical to start a real relationship.

However, Costa Rican women still have all of the Latina values in a relationship. They’re naturally sweet, social, and like to take care of their man. Costa Rica is a fantastic place to find a loyal and beautiful girlfriend if you’re willing to work for it.

Where Are the Best Women in Costa Rica?

Besides San Jose, the nation’s capital, Costa Rica, is full of small towns. Therefore, the best chance to meet a tica would be in the metropolitan area of San Jose. The smaller towns don’t have enough people to mingle with, and the women tend to be far more conservative or already married.

If you’re staying in San Jose, the best places to meet good-quality girls are:

  • Downtown area
  • Escazu
  • San Pedro
  • Los Yoses
  • Barrio Amon

Visiting one of the 5 neighborhoods above will increase your chance of meeting many beautiful, intelligent, and outgoing ticas. If you’re searching around downtown, be on alerts as there’s a lot of prostitution in the area. However, if you find the right nightclubs and social areas, it can be a goldmine for finding a date.

In San Pedro, you’ll find more university students as it’s home to two of the country’s largest schools. Since it’s a university town, there are plenty of bars that aren’t ridiculously expensive, like in some tourist areas. University girls are fantastic, but if you feel like you’re too old for that lifestyle, it’s best if you search around the other areas.

One of the best things about San Jose is you get access to diverse neighborhoods that house different types of people. You have the upper-class ticas in Escazu, younger but well-educated women in San Pedro, and a melting pot in downtown and Los Yoses.

If you’re not sure what kind of woman suits you, we recommend traveling around the city and exploring different neighborhoods.

What About Other Towns?

Although we mention that finding a tica outside of San Jose is extremely difficult, there are other options if you don’t want to stay in the capital. Some of the tourist towns, such as Puerto Viejo, Tortuguero, and Corcovado, have many nice women who are used to seeing foreign tourists.

Although the competition might be higher in these areas, you can still do great if you play your cards right. However, you will need to keep your eyes open to ensure you’re not being tricked by a working girl who’s only after one thing. You’ll also notice that ticas in these towns aren’t as impressed with Gringos since they see so many of them.

If you want the best odds of meeting a high-quality Costa Rican woman, you’re better off spending most of your time in San Jose.

Where To Meet Costa Rican Women

Fortunately, communicating with ticas in San Jose is much easier than in other cities in the region. If you can showcase that you’re not like the millions of backpackers and sex tourists and care about Costa Rican culture, you’ll stand out like a diamond in the rough. Before you go out to court Costa Rican women, be sure to educate yourself on their culture.

After you have a solid understanding of what Costa Ricans are like, you’re ready to go out and start exploring. Here are the best places to meet Costa Rican women.

Shopping Malls/Daytime Areas Are Great for Conversation

Going out and getting a few drinks in you is an excellent way to build some confidence. However, you’ll find that meeting girls in the daytime produces far better results. San Jose has plenty of upscale shopping malls that are packed with gorgeous ticas. The San Pedro mall is chock-full of university students shopping and dining after class.

You can try to open up a conversation at a coffee shop or while shopping in your favorite store. Costa Rican girls are not too shy if you want to approach them, just as long as you’re doing it respectfully. They love a good laugh, so making a joke about yourself or the mall is a fantastic way to break the ice.

If you’re working your day game, it’s best to avoid downtown. Downtown can be a bit rough during the daytime, so better to spend most of your time around San Pedro.

The Costa Rican Nightlife Is Always Bumping

If you like to party, Costa Rica is an excellent destination. San Jose is full of extravagant bars, restaurants, and nightclubs with a good mix of people. Meeting girls during a night out is likely the easiest, considering everyone is out to have a good time. It’s also a better scene if you’re older than 30 and don’t feel comfortable hanging around a university.

Some of the best nightclubs in San Jose are:

  • Club Alcazar
  • Baja Beach Club
  • Vertigo

Some of the clubs, like La Concha, have a bit of a younger crowd, but it’s a tica hotspot. The club usually plays a lot of loud reggae music and hip hop, so stay away if that’s not your scene. However, drinks aren’t that expensive, and there’s plenty of areas to mingle with singles.

Other clubs, like Vertigo, are a bit more hi-so. The music is generally EDM, and the drinks can get a bit pricey. With that in mind, if you’re looking for a well-educated girl that has a nice job but isn’t afraid to get a little wild, Vertigo is where you’ll find her.

If nightclubs aren’t your thing, you can find dozens of fun bars throughout San Jose and San Pedro. The bars are much quieter, so it’s easier to communicate with girls than in a bumping nightclub.

Dating Apps Can Be a Convenient Way To Find a Good Match

Since Costa Rica is extremely accustomed to foreign tourists, you’ll have far better luck on dating apps than in other countries in Central America. If you’re going to go down the dating app route, you’ll increase your chances of meeting a nice woman if you speak a little bit of Spanish. You don’t need to be fluent, but just some simple conversational phrases will do the trick.

Some popular dating apps in Costa Rica are:

  • Tinder
  • OkCupid
  • Badoo

Here is a full list of Costa Rican Dating sites.

Characteristics Costa Rican Women Look for in a Man

We can’t speak for all Costa Rican women, maybe some girls will like something unique about you, and that’s fantastic! However, there are a few core values that ticas look for in a man, and if you can fill at least one of them, you’ll stand out from the crowd like no other.

Some of the common characteristics are:

Confidence Is Key

In Latin culture, women are generally attracted to a strong man. Not to be confused with physical strength, but having strong self-confidence. Costa Rican women themselves are quite strong and independent, so if you don’t reflect this, they will walk all over you. Ticas will look for a man who’s comfortable in his own mind and isn’t afraid to show others who he is.

Respectful & Well-Mannered

Confidence is key when it comes to dating a Costa Rican woman. However, arrogance is a major turn off. In general, Latina women are extremely family-oriented, and they won’t bring around their inner circle if you don’t have respect. If they eventually bring you to meet the family, you must show respect to her relatives (especially the elders).

Meeting the father can be an intimidating moment. As long as you are calm and respectful, you should do just fine. It might take some time to win over her family, but all of your efforts will be worth it. Latina families are incredibly welcoming, supportive, and friendly once they get to know you and discover that your intentions are good.

A Burning Passion

Latinas are passionate about everything they do, and relationships are no exception. If you plan to date a tica successfully, you’ll need to showcase your burning passion for her daily. You don’t have to purchase bouquets of roses all the time or obtain expensive gifts. However, the little things will go a long way.

If you’re used to dating western women, you may find the Latina passion overwhelming at first. After a few months of dating, it will be challenging to go back to your old ways. Constantly displaying your love can be tiring, but the rewards of having an amazing woman in your life are worth it.

Loyalty Is Everything

While this may seem like a characteristic for any person, no matter where they come from, it’s imperative in Costa Rican culture. Ticas can get jealous quite easily. Don’t look at this as a flaw, but more to indicate that they truly care about you. If you want to play games, be prepared to face the consequences.

Romantic Date Ideas in Costa Rica

It’s completely fine for the first few dates to stick to the standards: coffee, movies, dinner, drinking. However, once things start to get a bit more serious, it’s always nice to surprise your new love with a romantic date. Fortunately, Costa Rica is full of beautiful places to go with your significant other.

Here are some adventurous and romantic date ideas in Costa Rica:

Catch Dinner Under a Beautiful Sunset

Catching a beautiful sunset with your tica is an excellent way to boost your romance. Since it rests in the Caribbean, Costa Rica has some of the most breathtaking sunsets in the world. Several resorts offer front row seats with delicious meals you can enjoy with your local date.

Some resorts also offer private candlelight dinners if you want to take it to another level. You can also rent out a private hot spring (see below).

Heat Things Up in a Private Hot Spring

For the perfect relaxing setting, why not try out a private hot spring? They’re warm, healthy, and allow you to have some alone time outside of your residents. After the hot spring, you and your tica will be feeling fresh and ready to relax or continue your night out. Some hotels have their own hot springs, or you can rent a jacuzzi or heated pool.

Explore Some Private Beaches

Few things in life are better than having a beach all to yourself. There’s something about the ocean that makes you and your date share a special bond. Whether you’re walking together or sitting on the shoreline, the sound of the crashing waves and the nice breeze makes for an incredibly intimate moment.

Costa Rica has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The country is the epitome of island paradise, so finding the right spot is incredibly easy.

Discover Hidden Waterfalls

If you’re into hiking, you can find some breathtaking waterfalls throughout Costa Rica. Some of the most popular ones are Catarata La Cangreja and the Jaco waterfalls. The best time to go to the waterfalls is in the early morning because there’s usually little or no other people around.

If possible, bring a tripod and snap some amazing photos together for social media (Costa Rican girls love that).

5 Facts About Costa Rican Women You Probably Don’t Know

1.) No Sex Before Marriage

Although this isn’t a set in stone rule, most Costa Rican women are strictly Catholic. If you happen to date a woman who’s serious about her religion, you may need to wait until the big day to get physical.

2.) Don’t Rely On Good Timing

Although it’s normal for someone to arrive 5 to 10 minutes late, tardiness is a huge thing in Costa Rica. If you’re making plans, you should allow for a 2-hour window just to be safe. The tardiness can be challenging and frustrating at first, but keep in mind that this could be a game to test your patience. If you’re persistent, your date will recognize that.

3.) They Care A Lot About Traditions

Latinas, in general, have strong ties to their traditions. While they’ll understand that you’re a foreigner and won’t expect you to convert to their culture completely, they will at least expect you to try. If you plan to date and marry a Costa Rican woman, be ready to get out of your comfort zone.

4.) They’re Naturally Beautiful

Although ticas love to spend time dressing up nice and putting on makeup, you’ll notice that they are naturally stunning. Unlike other Central American countries, plastic surgery isn’t very prevalent in Costa Rica. Therefore, finding the right girl that suits all of your standards is incredibly easy.

5.) They Are Classy

You may notice that it’s easy to offend a Costa Rican woman. However, they go out of their way to ensure they are respectful and well-mannered when speaking to strangers. If you end up dating or marrying a Costa Rican woman and want to bring her back to your home country, they are amazing at socializing. Since Costa Rica is a family-oriented country, you can expect them to respect their in-laws as if they were a part of their own family.


For anyone looking for an amazing life partner, you should strongly consider dating a woman from Costa Rica. Ticas are strong, independent, beautiful, loyal, loving, and passionate about their loved ones. If you end up tying the knot with a Costa Rican woman, you can expect to have a long, happy marriage.

Planning on relocating to Costa Rica? We hope this article was helpful, and you use all of the above tips to increase your chances of finding your love in this Latin paradise. Remember, when it comes to relationships in Costa Rica, you get what you give. If your intentions are good, you’ll be sure to find an amazing woman to spend your life with.

Costa Rican Women: Dating a Costa Rican Woman (2024)


What is it like dating a Costa Rican women? ›

Costa Rican women stand out due to their genuine friendliness and approachability. Unlike the dating scene in some other countries, Ticas are often open to meeting new people and are genuinely interested in getting to know them.

What do Costa Ricans call their girlfriends? ›

Cabra literally means “goat” in Spanish, but it's also a slang term that some men in Costa Rica use to refer to their girlfriends or young women.

How to date a Costa Rican girl? ›

If you want a real Costa Rican girlfriend experience, then take things slow. Costa Rican women won't be shy about showing love and affection. However, don't mistake that trait for an immediate need for intimacy. Moving things too fast, especially if a relationship is still in its infancy, is a bad look.

How to marry a Costa Rican woman? ›

Partner With a Qualified Officiant

You must choose an officiant who has the legal authority to sanction your wedding in Costa Rica. There are a few options to choose from, depending on the type of ceremony you want to have: Civil ceremonies: In Costa Rica, a lawyer or judge must officiate civil ceremonies.

What is a female from Costa Rica called? ›

What do you call people who are from Costa Rica? Costa Rican men are called Ticos and women are called Ticas.

What age do people get married in Costa Rica? ›

In 2022, the number of marriages in Costa Rica was highest among the population aged between 25 and 34 years, regardless of gender. The larger numbers for same-sex marriages were also concentrated in this age range, with approximately 70 for male-male couples and around 60 for female-female couples.

How do Costa Ricans say "I love you"? ›

Te amo / te quiero – used to say “I love you”, literally translates as “you I love” Mi amor – used to say “my love”

What does titi mean in Costa Rica? ›

Titi – another way to say 'this,' not to be confused with Tita which is another way to call your grandmother.

What is the most common saying in Costa Rica? ›

Pura Vida. This is the quintessential Costa Rican phrase that is used by everyone and has many different meanings, all of which are friendly. The literal meaning translates to “Pure Life”, but it can be used as “great”, “fantastic”, “hello”, “nice to meet you”, “thank you”, or “you're welcome”.

How do you say beautiful girl in Costa Rica? ›

Muchacha linda” means beautiful girl in Spanish. Lindo or linda are also used as adjectives to refer to nouns that are not people.

How does dating work in Costa Rica? ›

This nominal casualness extends beyond our verbiage: dating is less formal in Costa Rica, less codified. People go out, but there is nothing like the first date, second date, third date expectations that are commonplace in the United States.

Is it cheap to love in Costa Rica? ›

As a whole, Costa Rica is a less expensive option. If you are looking to retire in Costa Rica, cheaper expenses will make your money last longer. The total average monthly cost of living in Costa Rica is $1,073. The United States costs $2,317 on average.

Is divorce common in Costa Rica? ›

Countries With Highest Divorce Rate

The countries with the highest divorce rates in the world are the Maldives, Guam, Russia, Moldova, Belarus, China, Aruba, Georgia, Ukraine, and Costa Rica.

Is a marriage in Costa Rica legal in the US? ›

Civil marriages legally conducted in Costa Rica are valid worldwide. It takes about three months for the Costa Rica Civil Registry to issue your marriage certificate, which your lawyer will have translated and then sent to your closest consulate or embassy to be authenticated.

Is Costa Rica a good place to get married? ›

Whether large or boutique, adventurous or romantic, Costa Rica can give you the wedding you both always wanted. Get ready to start your journey as a couple in the best locations the country has to offer!

How are women viewed in Costa Rica? ›

Officially speaking, women and men in Costa Rica enjoy absolute equality. The 1949 constitution says as much, and a 1966 constitutional amendment prohibits discrimination based on sex, race, or religion.

Is Costa Rica a good place for singles? ›

With its strong tourism infrastructure and welcoming people, Costa Rica serves as an ideal sanctuary for female solo travelers who flock here to experience all that this Central American country has to offer.

How does a man greet a woman in Costa Rica? ›

Say hello and goodbye with a kiss

Woman to woman and man to woman, most Costa Ricans greet each other and say goodbye with a cheek-to-cheek "kiss." Usually lips aren't involved nor arms; they aren't big huggers.

Is it easy to meet girls in Costa Rica? ›

It's EASY to find and meet Costa Rican Women but finding THE ONE takes time and effort. If you truly are serious about finding the right girl, then we suggest you take your time in meeting and getting to know them.


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