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Parent Information

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We hope this newsletter can help families learn more about how we are using technology in the East Grand Rapids Public Schools. We also hope to provide a lens into our classrooms and give you examples how teachers are leveraging our Engage 1:1 Program to support student learning.

Skyward Mobile AppMakes Entering Attendance Information Easier than Ever

Other Helpful Information

  • Access to free Microsoft Office Licenses for Students, Phishing scams explained
  • New Middle School Innovation Lab, District Device Program and Skyward App!
  • Virtual Reality/Virtual Field Trips, also Skyward Notifications and more!
  • Student Google/Gmail, Tips for sharing a Chrome Browser and more!


Engage 1:1 is a voluntary and encouraged bring your own device program at the middle school and high school levels. Multiple options exist for students to obtain a device including a district provided device program. At the elementary level, learning technology is provided by in the classrooms and do not travel home with students.

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Obtaining a Device

Parents will be able to choose from the following options if they choose to provide a digital device for their middle school or high school students. This initiative is voluntary and encouraged:

  • Bring a digital device currently being used at home
  • Purchase a device
  • Participate in the District Device Program

If families are interested in applying for the District Device Program, please find information and an application form here.

Recommended System Specifications

East Grand Rapids Public Schools encourages high school and middle school students to bring a digital device to school. This initiative is voluntary and encouraged. We do not specify an amount of memory or storage needed on a device, the ability to meet current wireless and browser standards is far more important. Digital devices should:

  1. Be a laptop or tablet with a screen size of at least 10" measured diagonally
  2. Have the capability of running a current Google Chrome browser
  3. Be capable of operating on an A, G, N, or AC wireless network with AES encryption

Recommended Web Browsers

We recommend Google Chrome as our district standard browser. This is available for all major device platforms and allows for a consistent browser independent of hardware type. We also recommend having an updated version of at least one additional web browser such as Mozilla Firefox on your device.


Skyward Family Access

Parents can securely access all of their student's information on our Skyward Family Access portal. Every district parent of a student in grades K-12 has an account. If you need your password and login ID, use the Forgot my Login/Password link on the sign-in page (click here for instructions). Skyward Family Access is Available atwww.egrps.org/skyward

Skylert Emergency Information System

Using our Skylert Emergency Information System, parents can customize information alerts they receive from East Grand Rapids Public Schools. Please find our instructionshere on how to access our Skylert Emergency Information System and set up your family preferences.

Accessing Report Cards or Test Scores

Skyward Family Access also provides a secure way to share report cards and test scores with our families. These can be found in the Report Card/Portfolio link after logging in. Instructions for accessing this feature of Family Access are located here.

Reporting an Absence

East Grand Rapids manages student absencerequests using our Skyward Family Access system. Parents can submitanabsence in advance of thedate or on the day of achild's absence. Absence requests can be edited or deleted right inSkyward for a short time after entry. To modify a request that hasalready been processed, simply create a new request with the correctedinformation. You can also use the comments field to share detailedinformation about your child’s absence.

Please find detailed instructions for submitting an absence for yourstudent here.

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