Sara Tomko | Biography 2021 (2024)

Cast of TV series 'Resident Alien'

Sara Tomko starred and also co-produced the 2018 short film Girls! Girls! Girls! or: As Tammy Withers Away.

Sara Tomko landed a breakout role in 2021 in the sci-fi mystery comedy-drama series 'Resident Alien.' She portrays Asta Twelvetrees, who works at the town's health clinic alongside Harry Vanderspeigle (played by Alan Tudyk). The series is based on the comic book of the same title co-written by Chris Sheridan, Peter Hogan, and Steve Parkhouse.

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Sara Tomko is an American actress best known for playing Asta Twelvetrees in SyFy’s sci-fi mystery comedy-drama series'Resident Alien.'

Who is Sara Tomko?

Sara Tomko is an American actress and producer. She has appeared in many films, short films, and videos before appearing on television series. She appeared in movies like2012 Doomsday(2008),Journey to the Center of the Earth(2008),The Terminators(2009), andFamily of Four(2009),Silent Night, Zombie Night(2009),Extracted(2012), andRichard Peter Johnson(2015).

Her television appearances includeThe Leftovers,Heartbeat,The Son,Once Upon a Time, andSneaky Petebefore landing a breakout role onResident Alienin 2021.

Early Life and Education

Sara Tomko was born on 19 October 1983 in Manassas, Virginia, in a military family. She belongs to Polish, Slavic, and Native American descent.

Tomkogrewup watching films with her brothers. When she was 11 years old, after watching the 1986 filmThe Labyrinth, Tomko thought that she could do things like the lead actress Sarah (played by Jennifer Connelly) without knowing that she was acting. It was in high school that Tomko got into acting.

After completing high school, she majored in Theatre at James Madison University (JMU). She portrayed different roles in musicals during her freshman year andwasone of the best actresses in musical theatre classes. She then became a member of the theatre organization called Stratford Players in her sophom*ore year in college. In 2005, Tomkograduatedwith a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre and Dance.


After graduation, Tomkospenta couple of years singing, dancing, and acting at Sketch Comedy and Cabaret in Columbus, Ohio. She then moved to Los Angeles andmadeher on-screen debut in Nick Everhart’s 2008 movie titled2012 Doomsday, playing Wakanna. Tomko then portrayed Nine in the 2008 horror-thriller filmBreathing Room, written and directed by John Suits and Gabriel Cowan. That year, she also appeared in the romantic comedy shortThe Prince of Veniceand the sci-fi adventure filmJourney to the Center of the Earth.She went on to appear in a string of films, videos, and shorts.

In 2009, she appeared as Maria in the drama filmForbidden Border, as Pallas in the horror-adventure videoThe Terminators, and Mary in the short dramaTouching the Sky. The same year, she appeared as Nikki in the TV movieGoing for Broke, as Debutante in the horror sci-fi filmSilent Night, Zombie Night, and as Elizabeth in the drama filmFamily of Four.

In 2010, Tomko portrayed the role of Reporter Dianne Sloan in the horror sci-fi filmGrowth. That year, she also appeared in the Western short filmWeight of the Sun.The following year, Tomko played the role of Princess in the 2011 drama film2ND Take. She then appeared in the 2012 sci-fi filmExtracted, playing Minnie. In 2012, she also appeared in short filmsSinners and SaintsandOther People.

In 2013, Tomko lent her voice in the short filmsBottom’s UpandPhw Highand appeared in the films,An Incident in San YsidroandSon of Ghostman.The same year, she starred in theshort filmsPainted PerfectandLho.In the following year, Tomko portrayed the role of Psych Nurse Langdon in the thriller sci-fi filmThe Scribbler.She also appeared in the short filmsSomeone I KnowandNot Funnythat year.

In the subsequent years, Tomko appeared in films likeAmigo Undead,Hollywood Adventures,400 Days,Richard Peter Johnson,The Conspiracy Connection, andPandemic. In 2016, she voiced a character in the video gameCall of Duty: Infinite Warfare.Later, she played a noteworthy role as Monette in the 2018 short filmGirls! Girls! Girls! or: As Tammy Withers Away, in which she also served as executive producer/producer.

Television Series

Tomko began her career in television in 2015, appearing in an episode of the HBO mystery fantasy drama seriesThe Leftovers.The following year, she guest-starred in an episode of romantic comedy-drama seriesHeartbeat, playing the role of Dr. Blackhorse. She then appeared as Lena in an episode titled ‘Honey Hunt’ of the Western drama seriesThe Sonin 2017. After guest-starring in a few television series, Tomko scored a recurring role of Tiger Lily in the ABC fantasy-adventure television seriesOnce Upon a Timein 2017. In the following year, Tomko appeared as Officer Donna Gentry in the CBS action crime drama seriesSWATand Suzanne in the Amazon crime drama seriesSneaky Pete.

‘Resident Alien’

After playing minor roles in multiple television series, Tomkogota big break when she was cast in the lead female role in the sci-fi mystery comedy-drama seriesResident Alien. She played Asta Twelvetrees, who works at the town’s health clinic alongside Harry Vanderspeigle (played by Alan Tudyk).

Created for television by Chris Sheridan, the series is based on the comic book of the same title co-written by Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse. The series premiered on 27 January 2021 on SyFy, and itwasrenewed for Season 2 in March 2021.

Personal Life

Tomkometfilmmaker T.J. Pederson in 2015 and became close friends. After her grandmother’s death, she felt the need to confess her love to him. Subsequently, they started dating and got engaged in November 2020 in the same week when Joe Biden was elected as President of the United States.

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Sara Tomko | Biography 2021 (2024)


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