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Success rating 78%No. of mods 95Odyssey - A True RPGCategory: Total OverhaulAdultBy IxionXVIIOdyssey features a consistent and immersive roleplaying experience. Along with improving the gameplay, graphics, and UI, this collection aims to redesign Starfield into a true RPG experience.Endorsem*nts 538Downloads 33kFile size 1.1GBSuccess rating 78%No. of mods 120Starfield EnhancedCategory: Total OverhaulBy MrTopBanana[SFSE Mods outdated] Collection to enhance your Starfield expierence. Easy to install, Midgame install - for all languagesEndorsem*nts 310Downloads 23.4kFile size 603.8MBSuccess rating 70%No. of mods 210Starfield: Ultimate ModpackCategory: Total OverhaulBy TheDailyXPerience☠️Prioritizing Visceral Combat⚔️, Quality Of Life🛣️, Elevated Graphics🌇, and more...Endorsem*nts 138Downloads 10.2kFile size 31.6GBSuccess rating 80%No. of mods 9High-Res Texture Pack - 4K VersionCategory: Total OverhaulBy CnRJayAll of my High Definition 4K Texture packs! Will be continually updated with more 4K Retextures.Endorsem*nts 85Downloads 2.9kFile size 9.7GBSuccess rating 83%No. of mods 21Einfache Kollektion [Deutsch]Category: Vanilla PlusBy ErnstGamingEs handelt sich um eine einfache Kollektion, die Vanilla-freundlich ist. Neue Mods werden hinzugefügt, sobald ich ansprechende finde, die auch eine deutsche Übersetzung haben.Endorsem*nts 78Downloads 2.2kFile size 420.5MBSuccess rating 57%No. of mods 192Gamepass Ultra Immersion NSFWEditionCategory: Total OverhaulAdultBy LeviathOfNoesiaA NSFW Version of my modular modpack, essentially my personal version of the game.Endorsem*nts 76Downloads 7kFile size 29.0GBSuccess rating 75%No. of mods 86Constellation Star Wars by v2Category: ThemedBy 2077v2✅ Compatible with With Patch 1.12.36🎮Full Star Wars Overhaul 💀 Add to our main Collection or Standalone ⭐Endorsem*nts 57Downloads 4.4kFile size 6.3GBSuccess rating 65%No. of mods 100Ultimate StarfieldCategory: EssentialsAdultBy twstaThe configuration for a comprehensive collection of the best assets, configurations, mods, and tweaks I can find for Starfield. The gameplay is much more hardcore than vanilla, even at lower difficulties. Be warned.Endorsem*nts 57Downloads 4.2kFile size 966.8MBSuccess rating 56%No. of mods 107Game Pass CollectionCategory: Total OverhaulAdultBy Tvirus5087WIP Mod collection for Game Pass version of the game. Includes Mods from multiple authors. Credits to them. Also includes texture updates , gameplay and compatibility tweaks. Uses the 60FPS target on mods for neutrality.Endorsem*nts 45Downloads 2.4kFile size 21.0GBSuccess rating 72%No. of mods 175Royal Galaxy - The CollectionCategory: Vanilla PlusBy JaeDLThe Settled Systems now offer a reasonable challenge. Terrormorphs and Ashta are a major threat. Starborn foes use more magic. Enemy AI and spawns are increased and improved for both land and space. Player dialogue choice rewrites.Endorsem*nts 43Downloads 1.5kFile size 32.0GBSuccess rating 74%No. of mods 112Starfield Gamepass Ultra ImmersionCategory: Total OverhaulBy LeviathOfNoesiaMake the best out of your game, specifically made with xbox/gamepass limitations in mind. Features many options to fine-tune your experience! A Modular Modpack if you will. ;;Endorsem*nts 32Downloads 2.3kFile size 26.6GBSuccess rating 74%No. of mods 14Starfield Lite TweaksCategory: Vanilla PlusBy AmtupJust a very lite collection that improves UI, adds some QOL tweaks, less spongy enemies, and removes that nasty filter Bethesda loves to add to every game they make.Endorsem*nts 30Downloads 1.5kFile size 119.6MBSuccess rating 69%No. of mods 16Starfield Starter Mods PackCategory: EssentialsBy KazhamaniaThis is an essential starter mods pack collection to improve your gaming experience on Starfield.Endorsem*nts 30Downloads 2.4kFile size 1.1GBSuccess rating 79%No. of mods 27High Definition Texture Pack (HDTP)Category: Vanilla PlusBy epiphanyabsoluteFull Starfield High Definition Texture Pack CollectionEndorsem*nts 28Downloads 1.1kFile size 200.1GBSuccess rating 74%No. of mods 15Gambit77's Starfield Extended AddonCategory: Vanilla PlusAdultBy Gambit77This addon collection for Gambit77's Starfield Extended adds some SFW adult themed mesh edits.Endorsem*nts 27Downloads 1.3kFile size 75.3MBSuccess rating 75%No. of mods 27Vanilla - Correctifs et HUD - FRCategory: Vanilla PlusBy RomanopsCollection pour une partie vanilla, avec des correctifs et l'HUD améliorée (StarUI) en français.Endorsem*nts 21Downloads 813File size 54.0MBSuccess rating 77%No. of mods 90Star Wars Conversion 2024Category: Total OverhaulBy jimmyv007A Star Wars Total Conversion mod collection - Turn Starfield into Star Wars!Endorsem*nts 20Downloads 1.2kFile size 6.8GBSuccess rating 68%No. of mods 9Best ExperienceCategory: EssentialsBy paulok0playEssentials mods for Starfield in the current stateEndorsem*nts 19Downloads 1.6kFile size 1.1MBSuccess rating 77%No. of mods 6Constellation 1k Graphics Pack by v2Category: Total OverhaulBy 2077v2💻1k Performance Pack Created for our Constellation Collections💪 But is also great alongside any mod Collection⭐Endorsem*nts 17Downloads 985File size 5.2GBSuccess rating 74%No. of mods 8'No' no KorekushonCategory: MiscellaneousBy stavanzerA collection of SFSE plugins by Synthlight that remove ship module restrictions. A module for Starfield++ no Korekushon.Endorsem*nts 14Downloads 706File size 415.9KBSuccess rating 61%No. of mods 355Starfield RevisitedCategory: Total OverhaulAdultBy aqw194Enhance your gaming experience with this comprehensive NexusMods collection, designed to elevate visuals, gameplay mechanics, settlements, and ship customization.Endorsem*nts 12Downloads 738File size 160.3GBSuccess rating --No. of mods 27Fox's Frontier FoundationsCategory: EssentialsBy FloralFoxUPDATED Modpack Website and Documentation - Expand your horizons without rewriting the stars! Featuring carefully chosen mods that refine your user interface, improve textures, and make intergalactic life a breeze.Endorsem*nts 10Downloads 442File size 16.2GBSuccess rating 76%No. of mods 298Cosmic ThreadCategory: MiscellaneousAdultBy SnarkyRetortUses game version 1.12.32 updated, sorted and working for a fresh install/playthroughEndorsem*nts 10Downloads 665File size 16.6GBSuccess rating --No. of mods 26Dogmeat's Simple UI CollectionCategory: Vanilla PlusBy BnBDogmeatSome simple UI and gameplay tweaks.Endorsem*nts 7Downloads 175File size 84.4MBSuccess rating 71%No. of mods 25Starfield must have modsCategory: EssentialsBy BacomaniaMy personal preference in mods for StarfieldEndorsem*nts 7Downloads 396File size 120.1MBSuccess rating 83%No. of mods 46ReavyCategory: Vanilla PlusAdultBy ReavyMostly vanilla with qol changes. My goal is a good compatibility with future updates, dlc and creations.Endorsem*nts 7Downloads 383File size 1.0GBSuccess rating --No. of mods 38Starfield Buffed Out V2Category: Total OverhaulAdultBy itllbuff-INI Provided- Get all the ugly gone! Make your life better, easier, faster, and funner! Make sure to read the required. Gamepass Verified!Endorsem*nts 6Downloads 334File size 4.9GBSuccess rating 44%No. of mods 121BLB Star wars overhaulCategory: Total OverhaulBy BanesLittleBroStar Wars overhaulEndorsem*nts 6Downloads 676File size 7.0GBSuccess rating 62%No. of mods 212DavsStarFieldCategory: Total OverhaulAdultBy AZdave66Just a group of mods that make my StarField out of the world. All credit goes to the hundreds of dedicated Mod authors. I truly appreciate all their hard work as I am not a modder myself.Endorsem*nts 6Downloads 680File size 52.4GBSuccess rating --No. of mods 7Starfield Vanilla EnhancedCategory: Vanilla PlusBy VozValdenThis collection aims to enhanced a vanilla experience of Starfield.Endorsem*nts 5Downloads 149File size 25.7MBSuccess rating 61%No. of mods 186A GabrielWars CollectionCategory: Total OverhaulAdultBy GabrielWarsJust my collection of mods for the purpose of creating the ultimate Starfield experience for me, everything is lore friendly too, and this is not a p*rn collection. And of course, keeping tracks of the mods i'm using right now.Endorsem*nts 5Downloads 256File size 2.8GBSuccess rating 49%No. of mods 22Star Wars ConversionCategory: ThemedBy mobiusbagelThe largest and most comprehensive Star Wars mod collection for Starfield.Endorsem*nts 5Downloads 828File size 2.1GBSuccess rating 56%No. of mods 160Gamepass Edition Ultimate OverhaulCategory: Total OverhaulAdultBy loongpancoastA complete overhaul compatible with gamepass that aims to change gameplay mechanics, improve QOL and enhance graphical fidelity to the max. Includes Frame Gen, DLSS 3, Texture packs, Plug and play INI file with ESP and plug in txt files.Endorsem*nts 5Downloads 358File size 150.0GBSuccess rating --No. of mods 53Starfield QOL EnhancedCategory: Total OverhaulBy FargassierThis is a collection of mods for a better journey through the stars. This collection is used by Fargassier for his YouTube Livestreams and videos.*nts 4Downloads 162File size 281.3MB
Starfield Collections (2024)


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